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Commendation for Collective Stance against Antisemitism and Racism

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Dear Esteemed Law Firms,

We write on behalf of the legal community in Israel to extend our heartfelt and deepest appreciation for your letter of 1 November, 2023 to the Deans of leading US academic institutions condemning antisemitism on their campuses (including the calls for death for Jews and the elimination of the State of Israel). Your unified commitment sends a powerful message of solidarity and shared values.

This shared dedication to upholding the principles of justice and equality resonates deeply with us, particularly at a time when over 240 children, women and men are being held hostage in contravention of international law by Hamas in Gaza.

It is imperative of the international legal community to spearhead the condemnation of all forms of discrimination and racism, including antisemitism. Condemning antisemitism is crucial, especially when we wish to protect human rights, promote equality, prevent hate crimes, and safeguard freedom of religion.

We are deeply moved by your unequivocal and unprecedented message of support and are honored to stand alongside you.

Thank you for the commendable leadership of your firms and your stead-fast dedication to this important cause.

Law firms letter
Download PDF • 18KB
Commendation for Collective Stance against Antisemitism and Racism
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